One issue that is not addressed by conventional lab benching for mass spectrometers is the vibration transmitted by the vacuum pump to the mass spectrometer. Excessive vibration affects the performance and lifetime of turbomolecular pumps inside the mass spectrometer, and thus reduces performance which can lead to costly repairs. The IonBench solution is to apply patented coil spring-based vibration dampeners which reduce vibrations by 99%.

The design of the system prevents vibrations being transmitted from the primary vacuum pumps to the Mass Spectrometer (especially to the Turbomolecular pump inside the MS)

Calibrated springs are matched to your vacuum pump configuration (rotation speed, frequency and weight)

Optional oil drip steel tray can be provided for each vacuum pump

Other features

Noise enclosure for vacuum pumps

overheating alarm temperature ionbench vacuum pumps

Overheating alarm temperature

Fully movable ms bench

Fully movable bench