Does the bench come fully assembled ? 

Yes, it comes fully assembled, you just have to unpack the bench and roll it to its final location

Does the bench can go through my laboratory doors ? 

It depends on the dimensions of your door and the depth of the bench ordered. Generally our bench are 88 cm (34.5″)) or 97cm (38.5″) deep. You can find this information on the datasheet or quote of the bench. If your doors are larger than the depth of the bench, then it will go through. If your doors aren’t, you can easily dismount the top worksurface to reduce the size of the bench. 

Please contact us for more information.  

Does the bench have a noise enclosure ? 

Yes, our benches always integrates a noise enclosure for the MS vacuum pump. Of course, our height adjustable benches especially designed for LC system doesn’t require a noise enclosure. 

Are your benches on wheels ? 

Yes, all of our products are on wheels. You can easily lock the bench with heavy brakes that keeps the bench where it is.

How is powered the bench ? 

Our benches come with a power supply that comply with the electrical outlets of your country.

How is powered the height adjustable bench ? 

With a worldwide compatible power supply. Height adjustability is managed with a controller and electrical columns. 

Does a warranty apply on the bench ? For how long ? 

A two years warranty apply on all the bench. Every parts of the bench is covered by the two years warranty

Can we change the size of the bench ? 

Yes ! Mostly without any extra costs ! 
Obviously, we just have to make sure that the pump still fit inside the enclosure

Do I have to select all the optional itemps ? 

No ! You only have to choose the ones that are interesting for your application

Can we order a custom designed bench ? 

Yes, it’s possible and generally doesn’t cost much more than a standard bench

How can we order the bench ? 

We accept ACH payments with a formal purchase order. We accept wire transfer and checks. You can also pay by credit card, however, we charge an extra fee of 3% of the total amount with credit card payment

Can we have a better discount for quantities ? 

Yes ! The discount depends on quantities but not only ! Please contact your sales rep for more information ! 

How can I send my credit card information without any risks ? 

There are two possibilities : 
We can send you a secure link or schedule a phone call

Can the bench be delivered sooner than the expected delivery date ? 

Our means of production are very flexible. We can easily prioritize an urgent order to reduce the delivery lead-time. Contact us for more information

Where are you able to deliver a bench ? 

All around the world

How can I follow the delivery of the bench ? 

We should have sent you a link to follow the delivery. If you haven’t received it, please contact us ! 

The bench can’t go though a door to access my lab. Is there anything we can do ? 

Yes, the top worksurface is easily dismountable ! Depending on the bench and your door, it might be enough ! Please contact us for more information !