Height adjustable ion-Desk

Easily integrate your IT to your LC/MS configuration with this height adjustable bench.

Adjustable height

from 71cm (27,95″) to 123 cm (48.40″)

Fully movable

Desk with four wheels

Weight capacity

Weight capacity up to 120kg

Custom size on request : 

From 90 cm (35,43″) to 190 cm (74.80″)

Available features and options on ionDesk
CPU Holder

Save space with this vertical mount CPU holder

Information control package

Feature includes a retractable keyboard, mouse platform and LCD screen mounting with an adjustable stand for easy and convenient viewing

Shelf on worksurface

Optional shelf to optimize space on worksurface

Various electric plug

Available electric powerstrip for european country / USA / United Kingdoms /  Switzerland and Germany

6 electric plug UK
Workspace upgrade to Trespa Toplab

Trespa Chemically resristant work top

Desk lamp

Optional lamp

Phone arm holder

Optional phone arm holder

We also offer complete lab layouts with standard or custom designed benches. Feel free to contact us for more information